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Congratulations to Loskop dam Nature Reserve and Delecia. Two years since the release of the four ground hornbills in the reserve and they are all still fit and healthy


Previous Competitions

School Competition Friends of Loskop DanceWitbank, Ogies, Kriel, Middelburg, Groblarsdal.

Friends of Loskop is beginning an initiative between the Loskop Dam Nature Reserve and the Friends of Loskop support group, to encourage school children to visit our area.  The intention is to hold a competition where children as well as the entire school, can win prizes.

There are five different categories:

Age Groups /Criteria

  • Gr r – Gr 2 – Colour in
  • Gr 3 – Gr 4 – Drawing (something seen on the day.)
  • Gr 5 – Gr 6 – Test on knowledge of loskop dam nature reserve, animals, trees, reptiles, birds. one sentence on how they can make a difference.
  • Gr 7 – Gr 9 – Same as above but more advance including a poem on how they can make a difference
  • Gr 10 – Gr 12 – Same as above including an essay on how an individual can make a difference in our environment and how it can contribute to the bigger picture.

Our theme is:

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. (e burke 1729 – 1797)

Friends of Loskop wants to make sure the children understand that they can make a difference even if it is small.

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve is a unique fauna and flora area and is in a vulnerable state and it needs the support of everyone who is aware of the environmental issues within our country.  We would like to see the learners who are the leaders of tomorrow become more environmentally aware and better ambassadors for South Africa.

Time frame: Feb – Oct 2012 (competition ends on 31 October 2012)

Program time: four hours

Learners per day:  60 or less.

Yours in conservation

Elizma Coetzee



Livestock Guarding Dog Project


Friends_Of_Loskop_Livestock_Guarding_Dog_ProjectHi friends,

I know I have sent this to you before but am asking you once again, if you have not registered, PLEASE do so – we can really do with this money for dogs just by you registering we have a good chance. So far the voting is very slow so I am asking again – and also to forward it to others who may help. PLEASE. Just 14 days to go.


If you have voted, thank you very much.


We are enjoying such success stories with the dogs in this Wakkerstroom/Luneburg area with some people already having bought a second dog and others waiting for their second. Even from having an 8 week old “pup-in-training” who is still in its small enclosure bonding with its sheep, farmers say the loss of sheep drops off!


And to see, as I did today, a five month old dog eating his food in his enclosure and when the farmer opened the gate for the sheep to go out, the pup left his food and rather went with his sheep!


It was so touching and lifted my rather deflated spirits enormously. If we can just get more natural means of controlling problem animals, they may become less of a problem and be left alone and with luck, even return to the way they should behave and leave stock alone – at least to a large degree. SO PLEASE VOTE. AND PLEASE ASK OTHERS TOO AS WELL.


Thanks – in anticipation of reaching our target through your help.


We need your help to secure $5000 for the Livestock Guarding Dog Project of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

All you have to do is click on the link and submit your vote. Please also place it on your networks and mailing lists.


We need 4000 votes before 29 February 2012 to secure this funding.


Really guys its money for peanuts and all you have do to is vote and ask your friends and contacts to vote. Vote for a dog and help conserve our spotted cats in South Africa.

July 2017 News

Congratulations to Loskop dam Nature Reserve and Delecia. Two years since the release of the four ground hornbills in the reserve and they are all still fit and healthy


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