Friends_Of_Loskop_Livestock_Guarding_Dog_ProjectThe Friends of Loskop (FoL) is a voluntary association associated with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and registered as a non-profit organisation with the Directorate of Non Profit Organisations in Pretoria (028-598-NPO) as per 08 October 2003.

The aims of Friends of Loskop are:

  • To promote public participation and community involvement, in order to facilitate the conservation of Loskop Dam Nature Reserve.
  • To promote environmental awareness amongst the youth of our area, especially the underprivileged groups who have never been aware of the beauty they live in.
  • To assist the reserve management in execution of management tasks
  • To improve facilities in Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, in order to generate income, and to cater for group visits for educational purposes.

All FoL activities are co-ordinated with the management of the reserve and are approved by Mpumalanga Tourist and Parks Agnecy.

Rhino_Conservation_Friends_of_loskopAdv1The aims of FoL are realised through a series of activities which were initiated:

  • Working parties with interested members and members of the public: clean ups, erosion control programs etc.
  • Environmental awareness days organised for school classes, day visits to the reserve with bush walks, lectures and awareness programs for the school youths.
  • Meetings with the parks management in order to make an inventory of where and how we can assist them.
  • Upgrade existing facilities and plan new facilities in the park, through which people visiting the park can enjoy the beauty of the reserve even more.



The Loskop Dam Nature Reserve is situated in Mpumalanga, 60 km north of Middelburg, 30 km south of Groblersdal and adjacent to the Loskop Dam, an artificial lake with a total water surface of approx. 2350 hectares. The Loskop Dam wall was built in the 1930’s across a gorge. The dam is approx. 20 km long and at places 54-m deep and supplies water for irrigation for the Groblersdal/Marble Hall area. Originally a small reserve was proclaimed in the 1950’s. Its size has been increased over the years to a total of 23000 hectares.  Geology and slope appears to be the strongest factor influencing the distribution of 1014 recorded plant species on the reserve.  There are close to 70 species of mammals on the reserve, three of these belong to the Big Five, i.e. the:Southern_Ground_hornbills_Friends_of_loskop2

  • White Rhino
  • Leopard and
  • Buffalo

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve is under the management of Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency. It is the aim of Friends of Loskop to assist them as much as possible, in order to preserve this beautiful piece of nature for the children of our children.